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Nanotechnology Research Center
Attending exhibitions
Titles of biozar product certificates
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Nanotechnology Research Center

The Nanotechnology Center of Central Nanotechnology was established in 2010 in order to develop the knowledge of nanotechnology .

The main activities of the company are in 3 sections of education, research, development and production.


training section

In the education section, a variety of programs have been planned to enhance the academic capability of people across students, students and graduates as well as the general public. The organization of scientific seminars and workshops and training courses and the provision of scientific software, books and scientific publications are among the activities of this section.

R & D department

This section aims to develop research in the field of nanotechnology, collaborate with universities and graduate students, or consult for the implementation of theses, compilation of scientific books, and ultimately the production of new products based on nano technology. The company, as a knowledge based company based in Markazi Province Science and Technology Park, possesses a research and development unit consisting of a prominent scientific community in the country after three years of research and research, first began to produce nano-fertilizers It has a very high biological efficiency for various crops and gardens.

producing section

The purpose of this section is to produce a variety of biological nanocytes, nano-fertilizers, clayey nanocomposites (for the first time in Iran) and macro-micro-nano fertilizers. Taking into account the unique and innovative technology used in these products, the company has introduced a wide range of agricultural industry activists through its specialized exhibitions at home and abroad.

Attending exhibitions

۱- Sponsor and attend the exhibition
۲- Sponsorship and presence of Shiraz Agricultural Exhibition
۳- The 7th International Exhibition of Agricultural Technology and Transformation Technologies of Uzbekistan, Khordad 91
۴- Exclusive exhibition of the Islamic Republic of Iran in Lebanon

Titles of biozar product certificates
۱٫ Iso 9001 Standard Certificate
۲٫ Iso 1401 Standard Certificate
۳٫ Standard certification. OHSAS 18001
۴٫ Receiving the statue (badge) of merchandise quality in the country
۵٫ European Standard Certificate (CE)
۶- Receiving the statue of the highest quality specimen unit in Iran
۷٫ Health attestation from the Environmental Protection Agency8 – Confirmation of the effectiveness of the product in more than 50 research and experimental piles of the Ministry of Jihad-e-Agriculture
۸٫ Superior Tech of the Year 1391, Markazi Province 10. The only nanosecond manure producer who has been approved by the scale
Join the forums and assemblies

۱- Membership in Markazi Province Science and Technology Park
۲٫ Iranian Organic Association
۳٫ Union of Recycling Industries
۴٫ Chamber of Commerce, Industries and Mines
۵٫ Nanotechnology Development Specialist Headquarters
۶- Membership in the Iranian Sugar Association
۷٫ Membership in CE Europe
۸٫ Membership in the Iranian Quality Association