Iron chelate 10-15%

Iron chelates are produced in two types of 10% and 15%. This fertilizer has a high potential for iron production even under the worst conditions of shortage. This fertilizer is based on amino acids and is highly capable of iron transferring power.

Use guidelines:

As Deep placement: 50-60 grams of fruit trees per tree

As solution:: 3-5 kg / ha

As powder: 2 liters per thousand

Fe 6%

Iron deficiency is one of the most common deficiencies in the agricultural sector. Liquid fertilizer has a major role in providing the iron element in the plant and the rapid removal of iron deficiency in the plant. It also has an effective effect on the absorption of other micronutrients. 6% Liquid Fertilizer plays an important role in the synthesis of chlorophyll photosynthesis, nitrogen fixation and protein synthesis.

Use guidelines:

As solution: 3 to 6 liters per hectare

As powder: 2 -3 liters per hectare